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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Ndegwa Anna Alexandra Spring 2018 Appealing to the Masses: The Allure of Social Media
Noori Navid Spring 2018 Analysis of 2:1 Internal Resonance in MEMS Applications
Nykyforiak Tara Lyn Spring 2018 City stories: Publishing alternative dialogues from Vancouver’s past
Oetterich Sonya Bea Summer 2018 Experimental Control of Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe) within Critical Habitat of the Endangered Half-moon Hairstreak Butterfly (Satyrium semiluna): A Pilot Study of Blakiston Fan, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
Paterson Alisa Rae-Ling Summer 2017 Crystal chemistry and properties of bismuth-modified complex oxide perovskites
Pek Simon Summer 2017 The cultural change work of change agents without formal authority: Integrating sustainability into an organization’s culture
Pendleton Roxanne Alisha Spring 2018 Microfauna at Tse’K’wa: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction in the Peace River Region, Northeast British Columbia
Penko Lauren D'Souza Spring 2018 Technical apparel performance for women during rest and exercise in a cold environment
Raso Kathleen Ann Summer 2018 The News at 404
Rogerson Christopher Thomas Taylor Spring 2018 Use and Perceived Effectiveness of Multidisciplinary Teams to Address Problematic Student Behaviour to Prevent Campus Violence in Canadian Higher Education
Romisher Jason Eugene Spring 2018 Youth Activism and the Black Freedom Struggle in Lawnside, New Jersey
Safari Abdollah Spring 2018 The use of submodels as a basis for efficient estimation of complex models
Sakr Maram Gamal Ismail Elmetwally Spring 2018 Feasibility of Using Force Myography (FMG) for Estimating Hand Force and Wrist Torque
Salas Rebeca Spring 2018 Spatial Narratives of Property Loss: Social memory and the dispossession of Japanese Canadian-owned property in British Columbia
Shabash Boris Spring 2018 jViz.RNA 4.0 - Advanced integration methods, pseudoknot visualization, and online editing in the context of RNA secondary structure visualization
Shamsi Kazem Abadi Saeideh Fall 2017 Directed evolution of a bacterial sialidase and characterization of mechanism based inactivation of glycosidases
Sharpe Ciara Fall 2017 Abiotic and biotic dimensions of habitat for juvenile salmon and other fishes in the Skeena River estuary
Shooshtari Pooneh Summer 2013 Spurious Signals in Thermal MEMS Gyroscope
Short Devin Spring 2018 Nuclear isobar separation for Penning trap mass measurements at TRIUMF
Thimmaiah Poovanna Cheppudira Summer 2018 Development of Capillary-assisted Low Pressure Evaporator for Adsorption Chillers