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Surname Given Names Term Titlesort icon
Kaur Gurleen Summer 2018 An in-depth study on Power Line Communications
Noori Navid Spring 2018 Analysis of 2:1 Internal Resonance in MEMS Applications
Ndegwa Anna Alexandra Spring 2018 Appealing to the Masses: The Allure of Social Media
Tiampo Carmen French Fall 2017 As I Remember It: UBC Press’s Initiative for Digital Publishing in Indigenous Studies
Postlethwaite Victoria Rose Spring 2018 Blue carbon storage and variability in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia
Blenkarn Patrick John Spring 2018 Books
Pawlowski Gabriela Maria Spring 2018 Brain vital signs: Auditory to visual translation
Beatch Michelle Lea Spring 2018 Buddhist understanding and skilful means: Adding depth and meaning to K-12 teachers’ practice of mindfulness
Liu Xuhong Spring 2018 Cascaded particle filter for tracking using a single RGB-D sensor
Gilliard Geoffrey Peter Spring 2018 Casting Pebbles in a Pond: A Study of Opinion Leader Training to Reduce Carbon Footprints in Social Networks
Ackerley Christine Rose Summer 2017 Challenging knowledge divides: Communicating and co-creating expertise in integrated knowledge translation
Eyawo Oghenowede Fall 2017 Changes in Causes of Death, the Impact on Life Expectancy, and the Risk of Myocardial Infarction Among People Living with and without HIV
Szto Courtney Leigh Spring 2018 Changing on the Fly: Situating multiculturalism, citizenship, and hockey through the voices of South Asian Canadians
Ukah Fabiola Chimsom Spring 2018 Characterization of present biological conditions in the intertidal community across Howe Sound, British Columbia
Aburegeba Zina Spring 2018 Characterization of suppressors of fat-like cadherin CDH-4 in context of axon guidance during embryonic development
Elterman Jesse Emil Spring 2018 Children's Ability to Malinger Cognitive Deficits
Brunner Todd Spring 2018 Citizen acceptance of unconventional fossil fuels in Canada
Nykyforiak Tara Lyn Spring 2018 City stories: Publishing alternative dialogues from Vancouver’s past
Ord Natalie Barbara Spring 2018 Community Centred: The Impact of Relationship-Based Fundraising on Strathcona Community Centre
Landy Ania Spring 2018 Community Engagement through the lens of Intersectionality