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Surname Given Names Term Titlesort icon
Stadnik Agnieszka Spring 2017 Candidate protein interactors of sexually dimorphic on the Y chromosome (SdY) in Atlantic salmon
Chan Queenie Kwai Ying Spring 2017 Cantonese jihgei: Subject-object asymmetry and non-subject antecedent potential
Lupogo Keneth Spring 2017 Characterization of blast damage in rock slopes: An integrated field-numerical modeling approach
Heisler Morgan Lindsay Spring 2017 Clinical optical coherence tomography angiography registration and analysis
Wang Yijian Spring 2017 Cloud-assisted Real-time Free Viewpoint Video Rendering and Streaming System
Wong Stephanie Spring 2017 Collaboration and Awareness Amongst Flight Attendants
Chen Xiaochuan Spring 2017 Color Constancy for RGB and Multispectral Images
Oh David Kyungtaek Spring 2017 Competition and efficiency: application to tax haven, profit shifting and platform competition
Lachance Chantelle Spring 2017 Compliant flooring for fall injury prevention in long-term care
Moldes Marcos Daniel Fall 2016 Contingent Belonging: Second-Generation Latino Canadian Negotiations of Place, Identity, and Nation
Yousefian Maria Spring 2017 Design and Implementation of a Smartphone Application for Estimating Foot Clearance during Walking
Hamilton Christopher Michael Spring 2017 Design and synthesis of a photoaffinity labelling analogue of ivacaftor to probe its putative binding site on mutant CFTR
Sadeqi Soheil Spring 2017 Design of a Hybrid Spherical Manipulator for Lower Limb Exoskeleton Applications
Lepitzki Justin Leslie Spring 2017 Designing a low carbon fuel standard to achieve deep GHG reduction targets: Insights from an energy-economy simulation model of British Columbia
Thompson John Robert Spring 2017 Designing birefringent materials: A crystal engineering approach
Weir Lauren Hadfield Spring 2017 Determining threat status for data-limited fisheries based on catch-only stock assessment models
McDougall Mandy Rebecca Rose Summer 2016 Developing a trophic bioaccumulation model for PFOA and PFOS in a marine food web
Haunerland Bengt Kevin Spring 2017 Development of a Point-Of-Care Lensless Birefringent Molecule Detection System
Perley-Robertson George Evan Summer 2016 Development of tools and methods for studying glycan processing proteins in living systems
Leitch Scott Spring 2017 Did Certification Add Value in BC’s Central Coast?