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Surname Given Names Term Titlesort icon
Tiampo Carmen French Fall 2017 As I Remember It: UBC Press’s Initiative for Digital Publishing in Indigenous Studies
Hein Mikela Fall 2017 Assessing Canada-British Columbia climate policy design and interaction
Ahmadi Anusha Fall 2017 Assessing Participation in Women's Development Projects in Afghanistan
Malpica Cruz Luis Fall 2017 Assessing the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of the lionfish invasion in the Wider Caribbean Region
Parsons Alexandria Lee Fall 2017 At the Intersection of Identity and the Body: One Woman’s Experience of Disability and Sexuality
Zhou Haoxuan Fall 2017 Bayesian Integration for Assessing the Quality of the Laplace Approximation
Grosskopf Michael Fall 2017 Bayesian methodology for latent function modeling in applied physics and engineering
Biddle David Sean Fall 2017 Because We Are Used To Living
Berchtold Adrienne Fall 2017 Behavioural and physiological responses of prey fish to an invasive predator
Bowsfield Marissa Leigh Fall 2017 Body image and sexual satisfaction in mixed-sex couples: The mediating role of sexual anxiety
Boynton Chloe Fall 2017 Breeding productivity, phenology and habitat use of two co-occurring aerial insectivores
Chastain Stephen Fall 2017 Carbon Stocks and Accumulation Rates in Salt Marshes of the Pacific Coast of Canada
Ackerley Christine Rose Summer 2017 Challenging knowledge divides: Communicating and co-creating expertise in integrated knowledge translation
Eyawo Oghenowede Fall 2017 Changes in Causes of Death, the Impact on Life Expectancy, and the Risk of Myocardial Infarction Among People Living with and without HIV
Weleschuk Zennon Fall 2017 Channelized deposits and regional parasequence sets of the Grouse Paleovalley: McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada
Zhao Qinyu Fall 2017 Chinese Media in Canada: An exploratory study of Orient Star Media’s cross-media publishing
Barry Natassja Helen Fall 2017 Clifford Moves Online: The History and Future of Scholastic Reading Club
Scali Gabriella Maria Vittoria Fall 2017 Collaboration and Creation: Developing a digital space for Wellbeing at UBC.
Gupta Tanishka Fall 2017 Collecting Baseline Socio-Economic Data for Socio-Economic Impact Assessment: The Metlakatla Membership Census
Zhang Fang Fall 2017 Computational exploration of transmission and acquisition of drug-resistant tuberculosis