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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Wang Xin Summer 2017 Recommendation in Social Media: Utilizing Relationships among Users to Enhance Personalized Recommendation
Wang Haixu Summer 2017 Estimating conditional intensity conditional function of a neural spike train by particle Markov chain Monte Carlo and smoothing
Wang Xueqi Summer 2017 Gendered Images in Oral History Documentary: A Case Study of Wode Kangzhan
Wang Xiaolan Summer 2017 Exploring the Design Dynamics of Community-based Social Innovation Projects by Applying the Theory of Infrastructuring
Wakefield Matthew Aaron Summer 2017 Emotion differentiation, borderline personality features, and self-destructive behaviour
Verzuh Ronald William Summer 2017 Divided Loyalties:A Study of a Communist-Led Trade Union’s Struggle For Survival in Trail, British Columbia, 1943-1955
Vaughan Adam Summer 2017 The role of time and space on the interaction between persons with serious mental illness and the police: A mixed methods study
Vandermoor Michelle Patricia Eileen Summer 2017 Integrated Oceans Management Planning in Canada: An Evaluation of the Pacific North Coast Integrated Management Area Process
van der Schyff Dylan B Summer 2017 Concepts for an enactive music pedagogy: Essays on phenomenology, embodied cognition, and music education
van Bommel Matthew Summer 2017 Adjusting for Scorekeeper Bias in NBA Box Scores
Vaartnou Tiiu Fall 2017 In Good Conscience: Fast food, greenwashing and addvertising
Tuncer Yusuf Baris Summer 2017 Solving multivariate diophantine equations and their role in multivariate polynomial factorization
Truman Jeffrey Victor Summer 2017 Mathematical Reasoning Among Adults on the Autism Spectrum: Case studies with mathematically experienced participants
Toniello Ginevra Mae Summer 2017 11,000 Years of Human-Clam Relationships on Quadra Island, Salish Sea, British Columbia
Toland Alexandra Lynn Fall 2017 Queer-What-You-Can: Queer community organizing in a gentrifying East Vancouver
Tian Jingbo Summer 2017 The Multiplicative Assignment Problem
Thouta Samrat Summer 2017 Mechanistic Insight into Human ether-a-go-go-related Gene (hERG) K+ Channel Activation and Deactivation gating
Thomson Trevor Summer 2017 Distributions of Time to First Spot Fire
Thomsen Sarah K. Summer 2017 Direct and indirect interactions between owls, mice and nocturnal seabirds: integrating marine and terrestrial food webs
Thompson John Robert Spring 2017 Designing birefringent materials: A crystal engineering approach