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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Churchley Ross Spring 2017 Odd disjoint trails and totally odd graph immersions
Ciuca Aniela Florina Spring 2017 Modular content: a new publishing strategy at the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia
Cott Gillian Rene Fall 2016 Breathing New Life into Comic Collections: Drawn & Quarterly's Choice to Reformat & Republish for a Young Readership
Cullen Justine Rose Spring 2016 Optical Dating Studies of southeastern Patagonian Sand Wedges in Chile and Argentina
Dargahi Daryanaz Fall 2016 Pan-Cancer Identification and Prioritization of Cancer-Associated Alternatively Spliced and Differentially Expressed Genes: A Biomarker Discovery Application
Dewar Laura Jean Spring 2017 Investigation and management of sudden unexpected death in the young in Canada
Dubeau Gisèle Fall 2016 Defending the established order and the welfare of French Canadians from two different perspectives: The Quebec Gazette and the Gazette de Québec, 1836-1840.
Fei Jia Fall 2016 The politics of oral participation: The experiences of Chinese multilingual speakers in Canadian university classrooms
Frankenberger Sara Spring 2017 The Shaping of German-Canadian Family Memory of World War II and the Holocaust
Gicas Kristina Marie Fall 2016 Structural brain markers are differentially associated with neurocognitive profiles in socially marginalized people with multimorbid illness
Giesbrecht Chantelle J. Spring 2017 The Impact of Viral Infections on Neurocognitive Functioning in the Context of Multiple Risk Factors: Associations with Health Care Utilization
Graves Ryan Spring 2017 Mountain Militarism and Urban Modernity: Balkanism, Identity and the Discourse of Urban-Rural Cleavages During the Bosnian War
Guenther Jeffrey Robert Spring 2017 Shiro - A Language to Represent Alternatives
Haiblen Anna Macdonald Spring 2017 Glacial History and Landform Genesis in the Lac de Gras Area, Northwest Territories
Halani Khalif Aly Fall 2016 Sparse Multivariate Reduced-Rank Regression with Covariance Estimation
Horncastle James R Fall 2016 The Pawn that would be King: Macedonian Slavs in the Greek Civil War, 1946-49
Hsiao Wan-Ju Flora Spring 2017 Three Studies on Hedge Fund Risk Taking and Herding
Jamshid Nejad Masomeh Spring 2017 Undergraduate students' understanding of transformations of sinusoidal functionss
Jebutu Modupeoluwa Tolulope Fall 2016 Representation of the négresse, Trauma and Marronnage in Post-Slavery Narratives
Jordan Mark Jerrid Spring 2017 Mark testing