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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Carlson Tyler Fall 2017 Linking Community-Based Monitoring to Water Policy in Canada
Choutka Courtney Paige Summer 2017 Regulation and conservation of caspase-activated autophagy
Chu Courtney Heather Spring 2018 The Issues at Play: Examining the Learning Potential in Advergames and Nutritional Games for Children
Clark Natalie Gwen Spring 2018 Cu7 me7 q’wele’wu-kt. "Come on, let's go berry-picking". Revival of Secwepemc wellness approaches for healing child and youth experiences of violence
Clarke Ryan Michael Spring 2018 Electronic Structure and Reactivity of Transition Metal Complexes Incorporating Pro-Radical Bis-Phenoxide Ligands
Delva Mona Lisa Summer 2017 Hand Gesture Identification in Older Adults using Force-Myography
DeMarzo Luigi Spring 2018 Public School Principals’ Perceptions of Innovation
Desaunoy Laura Marie Spring 2018 Investigating the Geochemistry of Selenium in the Residual from Biologically Treated Mine-Impacted Water
Edalatfar Fatemeh Spring 2018 Design and Fabrication of High-Performance Capacitive Micro Accelerometers
Ehlert Meilan Piao Spring 2018 Learning foreign languages at school: Experiences and representations of teenage plurilingual learners of ethnic Korean heritage in Northeast China
Elterman Jesse Emil Spring 2018 Children's Ability to Malinger Cognitive Deficits
Engelking Sean Spring 2018 Viability, growth, development, and performance of juvenile sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) exposed to neonicotinoid pesticides
Esmaeilsabzali Hadi Summer 2017 Development of a microfluidic platform for size-based enrichment and immunomagnetic isolation of circulating tumour cells
Eyawo Oghenowede Fall 2017 Changes in Causes of Death, the Impact on Life Expectancy, and the Risk of Myocardial Infarction Among People Living with and without HIV
Fan Xiaoyi Spring 2018 When Learning Meets RFIDs: The Case of Activity Identification
Farmer Devon Robert Spring 2018 An ex post facto evaluation of a Metro Vancouver Transportation Plan
Fodor Andreea Spring 2018 Exploring iPad Video Composition: A Study of Elementary School Students’ Collaborative Digital Literacies Practices
Forde Carl James Spring 2018 Design and usage of a private margin on public online discussions: Experiences from semester-long mixed-mode courses
Fox William Spring 2018 Addressing Food Insecurity in Nunavut: Policies to Support the Local Harvesting and Commercialization of Food
Gilliard Geoffrey Peter Spring 2018 Casting Pebbles in a Pond: A Study of Opinion Leader Training to Reduce Carbon Footprints in Social Networks