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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Giesbrecht Chantelle J. Spring 2017 The Impact of Viral Infections on Neurocognitive Functioning in the Context of Multiple Risk Factors: Associations with Health Care Utilization
Gill Parampal Singh Spring 2017 Implementation of Machine Learning on an Innovative Processor for IoT
Graves Ryan Spring 2017 Mountain Militarism and Urban Modernity: Balkanism, Identity and the Discourse of Urban-Rural Cleavages During the Bosnian War
Guenther Jeffrey Robert Spring 2017 Shiro - A Language to Represent Alternatives
Haiblen Anna Macdonald Spring 2017 Glacial History and Landform Genesis in the Lac de Gras Area, Northwest Territories
Haunerland Bengt Kevin Spring 2017 Development of a Point-Of-Care Lensless Birefringent Molecule Detection System
Horan Loren Catherine Spring 2017 The Sexual Violence Against Marginalized Victims: An Offender-Based Approach
Jamshid Nejad Masomeh Spring 2017 Undergraduate students' understanding of transformations of sinusoidal functionss
Johansen Jesper Spring 2017 Integration of transport pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Jordan Mark Jerrid Spring 2017 Mark testing
Kaya Serdar Summer 2015 Islamophobia: A Comparative, Multilevel Analysis of Western Europe
Koziatek Olympia Summer 2016 Four-dimensional geospatial approaches for modeling vertical urban growth
Krzeminska Monika Spring 2017 "Defining Human Trafficking in The Context of Indigenous Labour Migration in Peru".
Kumar Snehasish Spring 2017 Generalized methods for application specific hardware specialization
Labrecque Mark Paul Summer 2016 The aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator (ARNT) transcriptional co-regulator complex: Effects on estrogen and hypoxia signaling
Leewe Ramona Spring 2017 RF Cavity Tuning Based on Reflected Power Measurements
Loh Darrell Jui Hsiong Spring 2016 Integrated sensing from multiple wearable devices for activity recognition and dead reckoning
Loucks Catrina Marie Fall 2016 Dissecting the sensory roles of motility-associated ciliary genes in Caenorhabditis elegans
Manning Elizabeth Joy Fall 2016 The Treatment as Prevention(R) Empire: Treatment Adherence as the New War on AIDS
McDougall Mandy Rebecca Rose Summer 2016 Developing a trophic bioaccumulation model for PFOA and PFOS in a marine food web