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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Herrnstadt Gil Spring 2018 Voluntary Driven, Velocity Controlled Tremor Suppression
Hoffman Leon Spring 2018 The International Health Landscape of Cozumel Island, Mexico
Ibrahim Mohamed Abdullahi Summer 2018 Medical returnees: Somali Canadians seeking psychosocial and spiritual healing in East Africa
Joensuu Eva Eleonora Spring 2018 A politics of disgust: Selfhood, world-making, and ethics
Jordan Mark Jerrid Summer 2017 Mark testing
Kim Dongho Summer 2017 Surface Modification of Indium Tin Oxide
Landy Ania Spring 2018 Community Engagement through the lens of Intersectionality
LeBlanc Michelle Paula Summer 2018 Exploring the motivations and experiences of middle and older aged adult rock climbers: SSHRC grant funding proposal
Leddy Shannon Spring 2018 Starting from now, learning to see: Introducing pre-service teachers to the process of Indigenous education through a phenomenological art inquiry
Lee Austin Woohyuk Fall 2017 Covalent surface modification of silicon oxides
Li Zenan Spring 2018 Investigating the neuroprotective role of OGA inhibition by Thiamet-G against Alzheimer's disease
Ma Rui Fall 2017 Sub-Scene Level Analysis and Synthesis of 3D Indoor Scenes
MacAulay Margaret Fall 2017 Virtual friction: Networking sexuality and HIV prevention in the digital age
Matkin Brendan Benjamin Spring 2018 ʔeləw̓k̓ʷ – Belongings: Embodied cultural values in tangible interaction design
Mazany-Wright Nick Summer 2018 The effect of nitrogen fertilization on the physiology and morphology of Sphagnum capillifolium in an ombrotrophic bog
Mercer Joanne Spring 2018 Investigating a model lipid nanoparticle release system with 2H NMR and SAXS
Moreton Michael Leslie Summer 2018 Effects of the aquatic herbicide, Reward®, on the Fathead minnow and Northwestern Salamander
Musngi Magnus Michael Marquez Spring 2018 Fall detection algorithms using accelerometers, gyroscopes and a barometric pressure sensor
Myschyshyn Mike Summer 2017 Methods for chemical mapping of O-GlcNAc in the Drosophila genome
Nason Rebecca Summer 2017 Elucidating the physiological adaptation of loss of retinoblastoma protein in conjunction with hypoxia in neuroblastoma cells.