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Surname Given Names Term Titlesort icon
Allen Willow Spring 2017 White Euro-Canadian Women in Transracial/cultural Families: Lived Experiences of Race and Difference.
Zuehlke Brett Maynard Spring 2017 Vancouver’s Renewable City Strategy: Economic and Policy Analysis
Jamshid Nejad Masomeh Spring 2017 Undergraduate students' understanding of transformations of sinusoidal functionss
Moulder Victoria Ann Spring 2017 Transcoding Place Through Digital Media
Vargas Trujillo Jaime Spring 2017 Towards Learning of a Joint Geometry-Structure Manifold for Shape Exploration
Pang Jingkai Summer 2016 Thermal perception and physiological responses in males and females during mild cold exposures in different clothing ensembles
Bittner Robert Spring 2017 Theorizing Trans Readership: Examining Ways of Reading Trans Themed Young Adult Literature
Manning Elizabeth Joy Fall 2016 The Treatment as Prevention(R) Empire: Treatment Adherence as the New War on AIDS
Horan Loren Catherine Spring 2017 The Sexual Violence Against Marginalized Victims: An Offender-Based Approach
Giesbrecht Chantelle J. Spring 2017 The Impact of Viral Infections on Neurocognitive Functioning in the Context of Multiple Risk Factors: Associations with Health Care Utilization
Labrecque Mark Paul Summer 2016 The aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator (ARNT) transcriptional co-regulator complex: Effects on estrogen and hypoxia signaling
Blustein Jared Eilan Spring 2017 The Ambiguity of Resistance: Civil Society Engagements with Neoliberalism
Cooper Jennifer L. M. Spring 2017 Streams of Oil and Barrels of Conflict: An MSF Analysis of Canadian Energy Policy since the Collapse of the National Energy Program
Shooshtari Pooneh Summer 2013 Spurious Signals in Thermal MEMS Gyroscope
Yeung Juliana Fall 2015 Sialic acid metabolism in the opportunistic fungal pathogen, Aspergillus fumigatus
Guenther Jeffrey Robert Spring 2017 Shiro - A Language to Represent Alternatives
Baron Samuel Fredrick Spring 2017 Sharing Space on Granville Island: An Assessment of Shared Street Performance
Reale Kylie Sarah Spring 2017 Sadism in sexual homicide: are investigative awareness and the severity of sadistic behaviour distinctive features?
Yoon Paul Kisik Fall 2015 Robust human motion tracking using wireless and inertial sensors
Leewe Ramona Spring 2017 RF Cavity Tuning Based on Reflected Power Measurements