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Surname Given Names Term Titlesort icon
Neufeld Scott Daniel Fall 2016 “The things we all celebrate”: Aboriginal parents’ conceptualizations of a broad Aboriginal identity in the context of the Aboriginal Focus School in Vancouver
Allen Willow Spring 2017 White Euro-Canadian Women in Transracial/cultural Families: Lived Experiences of Race and Difference.
Jamshid Nejad Masomeh Spring 2017 Undergraduate students' understanding of transformations of sinusoidal functionss
Wu Shangyuan Fall 2016 Uncovering Conceptions of “Journalism Crisis” in Singapore and Hong Kong: When State Influences Interact with Western Liberal Ideals in a Globalizing Media Landscape
Moulder Victoria Ann Spring 2017 Transcoding Place Through Digital Media
Vass Tiffany Marcia Fall 2016 Trading off political acceptability and economic efficiency: Policy options for reducing Canada’s electricity and transportation emissions
Vargas Trujillo Jaime Spring 2017 Towards Learning of a Joint Geometry-Structure Manifold for Shape Exploration
Benoy Nicholas David Fall 2016 Towards a spatial imperative in public urban development geovisual analysis and communication
Siddique Rifat Alam Fall 2016 Totem-pole power factor correction rectifier with Gallium-Nitride devices for telecom power supply
Hsiao Wan-Ju Flora Spring 2017 Three Studies on Hedge Fund Risk Taking and Herding
Chan Justin Ho-Chung Fall 2016 Three Problems Involving Permutations
Pang Jingkai Summer 2016 Thermal perception and physiological responses in males and females during mild cold exposures in different clothing ensembles
Bittner Robert Spring 2017 Theorizing Trans Readership: Examining Ways of Reading Trans Themed Young Adult Literature
Manning Elizabeth Joy Fall 2016 The Treatment as Prevention(R) Empire: Treatment Adherence as the New War on AIDS
Bhanwer Aisha K. Fall 2016 The Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for Violence Risk – Youth Version (SAPROF-YV): The Association Between Protective Factors and Aggression in Adolescents
Frankenberger Sara Spring 2017 The Shaping of German-Canadian Family Memory of World War II and the Holocaust
Sager Bertrand Fall 2016 The role of lane position in right-of-way violation collisions involving motorcycles
Walzak Laura Cecilia Fall 2016 The Role of Chronic Illness in Theory of Mind Performance in Older Adults
Fei Jia Fall 2016 The politics of oral participation: The experiences of Chinese multilingual speakers in Canadian university classrooms
Horncastle James R Fall 2016 The Pawn that would be King: Macedonian Slavs in the Greek Civil War, 1946-49