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Surname Given Names Term Titlesort icon
Kaur Harpreet Fall 2017 Young children’s understanding of angles in a dynamic geometry environment
Shashank Aateka Farah Fall 2017 Walkability and connectivity: unpacking measures of the built environment
Herrnstadt Gil Spring 2018 Voluntary Driven, Velocity Controlled Tremor Suppression
Miller Craig Andrew Fall 2017 Volcanic architecture and unrest processes: Insights from static and time-varying potential field models
Al-Issa Asmaa Fall 2017 visiting hundun's territory
Huang Christine Spring 2018 Visible light wavefront sensorless adaptive optics optical coherence tomography
MacAulay Margaret Spring 2018 Virtual Friction: Networking Sexuality and HIV Prevention in the Digital Age
Boyle Chloe Charlotte Fall 2017 Vancouver stream restoration practices: Piloting a community-based monitoring framework along Still Creek
Scrivens Ryan Matthew Fall 2017 Understanding the collective identity of the radical right online: A mixed-methods approach
Ranade Ameya Vinay Fall 2017 Understanding Milk Protein Adsorption as a Model to Study Sample Loss in Proteomics
Gillan Linda Margaret Fall 2017 Toward a more flexible form of Multi Family Housing? Lock-off Units in Vancouver
Hoseini Atiyeh Fall 2017 Thermal performance of aerogel blanket insulation
Cross David Spencer Fall 2017 The Study of 116Sn via Conversion-Electron Spectroscopy and γ-γ Angular Correlations
Bigonnesse Catherine Fall 2017 The Role of the Socio-Physical Environment on Aging in Place for Older Adults in Cohousing and Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities
Artelle Kyle Adam Fall 2017 The role of science in wildlife management: From grizzly bears in British Columbia to hunted species across Canada and the United States
Sampaleanu Christian Ioan Albert Fall 2017 The role of intact rock fracture in rockfall initiation
Shorten Lisa Marie Fall 2017 The price of admission: Private English schools at the Inner/Expanding Circle interface
Boskovic Sanja Fall 2017 The persistence of second and first class power engineering distance education students at BCIT: A grounded theory approach
da Silva Marcelo Lopes Vieira Fall 2017 The Living Surfaces #2: Rhythmic Wanders
Jarvis Sarah Kathleen Fall 2017 The Journey to Self-Compassion: A Phenomenological Exploration of Women’s Lived Experience and Personal Meaning Making of Learning Self-Compassion