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Surname Given Names Term Titlesort icon
Belan Reagan Anne Summer 2017 Design and Synthesis of Novel, Lead-reduced Piezo-/Ferroelectric Materials
Forde Carl James Spring 2018 Design and usage of a private margin on public online discussions: Experiences from semester-long mixed-mode courses
Esmaeilsabzali Hadi Summer 2017 Development of a microfluidic platform for size-based enrichment and immunomagnetic isolation of circulating tumour cells
Thimmaiah Poovanna Cheppudira Summer 2018 Development of Capillary-assisted Low Pressure Evaporator for Adsorption Chillers
Shamsi Kazem Abadi Saeideh Fall 2017 Directed evolution of a bacterial sialidase and characterization of mechanism based inactivation of glycosidases
Moreton Michael Leslie Summer 2018 Effects of the aquatic herbicide, Reward®, on the Fathead minnow and Northwestern Salamander
Nason Rebecca Summer 2017 Elucidating the physiological adaptation of loss of retinoblastoma protein in conjunction with hypoxia in neuroblastoma cells.
Oetterich Sonya Bea Summer 2018 Experimental Control of Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe) within Critical Habitat of the Endangered Half-moon Hairstreak Butterfly (Satyrium semiluna): A Pilot Study of Blakiston Fan, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
Beninger Stefanie Shirlee Ann Spring 2018 Exploring marketing transformations: A marketing systems approach to understanding impoverished contexts
LeBlanc Michelle Paula Summer 2018 Exploring the motivations and experiences of middle and older aged adult rock climbers: SSHRC grant funding proposal
Musngi Magnus Michael Marquez Spring 2018 Fall detection algorithms using accelerometers, gyroscopes and a barometric pressure sensor
Sakr Maram Gamal Ismail Elmetwally Spring 2018 Feasibility of Using Force Myography (FMG) for Estimating Hand Force and Wrist Torque
Delva Mona Lisa Summer 2017 Hand Gesture Identification in Older Adults using Force-Myography
Woodbury Nathan E Summer 2013 Identification, mode of transmission, and functional role of the microbial symbionts of firebrats, Thermobia domestica (Thysanura: Lepismatidae)
Mercer Joanne Spring 2018 Investigating a model lipid nanoparticle release system with 2H NMR and SAXS
Li Zenan Spring 2018 Investigating the neuroprotective role of OGA inhibition by Thiamet-G against Alzheimer's disease
Shabash Boris Spring 2018 jViz.RNA 4.0 - Advanced integration methods, pseudoknot visualization, and online editing in the context of RNA secondary structure visualization
Cheng George Haiping Spring 2018 Large-scale design optimization methods for problems with expensive objectives and constraints
Carlson Tyler Fall 2017 Linking Community-Based Monitoring to Water Policy in Canada
Yimga Eric Virgile summer 2018 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed euismod magna dui, at fringilla nulla semper id. Pellentesque elementum sed odio sit amet euismod. Donec non enim viverra, hendrerit lectus non, lacinia ante. Quisque in metus ante. Phasellus feugiat placerat metus.