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Surname Given Names Term Titlesort icon
Flekke Byron Michael Bidiuk Summer 2017 "Life and Death in The Orenda" and "Here We Shall Remain"
Toniello Ginevra Mae Summer 2017 11,000 Years of Human-Clam Relationships on Quadra Island, Salish Sea, British Columbia
Dong Yue Summer 2017 A Fully 3D-printed Integrated Electrochemical Sensor System
Zhang Ying Summer 2017 A Multi-Dimensional Bühlmann Credibility Approach to Modeling Multi-Population Mortality Rates
Hilbich Daniel David Summer 2017 A new, low-cost, PDMS metallization process for highly conductive flexible and stretchable electronics
Collins Kristina J. Summer 2017 A pilot randomized controlled trial of exercise to improve walking energetics among older adults with mobility limitation: The HealthySteps Study
Cuthbert Colin Joseph Summer 2017 A place to be, a place to become: an insiders report on youth integration programs in the lower mainland
Huang Alice Chi Summer 2017 A time to heal: Medical missions and Indigenous medico-spiritual cosmologies on the Central Coast of British Columbia, 1897-1914
Seifi Kamyar Summer 2017 Adaptive Synchronization of PR Controllers in Grid-connected Inverters
van Bommel Matthew Summer 2017 Adjusting for Scorekeeper Bias in NBA Box Scores
Patra Abhisekh Summer 2017 Affective color palettes in visualization
Qiu Derek Summer 2017 An Applied Analysis of High-Dimensional Logistic Regression
Salari Sharif Parinaz Summer 2017 An explicit correspondence between certain modular curves
Thalheimer Agatha Julia Summer 2017 An exploration of academic department chairs in British Columbia public colleges
Shahriari Zahra Fall 2016 An extremum seeking control system for control of RF cavity resonators
de Moura Barbosa Dinara Spring 2017 And then you hit play: Investigating players’ responses to wayfinding cues in 3D action-adventure games
Bushell Kevin Reid Fall 2016 Applications of next-generation sequencing to canine B-cell lymphoma and detecting ctDNA in solid human cancers
Peabody Michael Alexander Summer 2017 Applying metagenomics analysis towards a better understanding of freshwater microbial communities
Carleton Christopher Summer 2017 Archaeological and Palaeoenvironmental Time-series Analysis
Balanzategui Daniela Catalina Summer 2017 Archaeology of the Afro-Ecuadorians in La Concepción, Ancestral Territory of the Chota-Mira Valley (Carchi-Ecuador)