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Surname Given Names Term Titlesort icon
Mills Dana Ann Fall 2017 An Inside Look at “Quietly” Helping MEC Launch Good Times Outside
Hoffmann Tanja Fall 2017 "Now we learn to live with it": Katzie cultural resilience and the Golden Ears Bridge.
McLean Christine Amie Fall 2017 "We Used to be Kings of the Road": Negotiations of Ethics, Embodiment, and Subjectivity in the BC-Based Long Haul Trucking Industry
McCarter Ross Frankland Fall 2017 A Comparative Analysis of Surface Winds in the Mid-Continental United States of America During Severe Droughts in the 1950s and 2010s.
Hudnall Ariel Breath Fall 2017 A Deeper Dive into the Cookbook Buyer: An Analysis of BookNet Canada Data and the Cookbook Industry
Vacariu Andrei Vlad Fall 2017 A High-Throughput Dependency Parser
Fang Le Fall 2017 A Planning-Based Approach for Generating Narrative Events in Video Games
Martin Michael Evans Fall 2017 A Qualitative GIS for Social Media and Big Data
Atoyebi Oladele Ademola Spring 2018 A reformulation and assessment of the Global AgeWatch Index: Inclusion of a gender-based domain
Dyer Sue Fall 2017 A visual arts educator-researcher’s inquiry into the role of the teacher in an intergenerational arts program
Ariaratnam Matthew Michael Fall 2017 A Walk for 09.09.17
Sharpe Ciara Fall 2017 Abiotic and biotic dimensions of habitat for juvenile salmon and other fishes in the Skeena River estuary
Whealdon Haught Daniel R Fall 2017 Acoustically derived suspended sediment concentrations and flux in the Fraser River, Canada
Bao Lin Fall 2017 Adolescent attachment and problem behaviours among teens: The roles of parental adult attachment
XUE DONG Fall 2017 Advanced techniques for bounded and unbounded repetition in parabix regular expression search
Ensslen Katherine Amanda Fall 2017 An examination of the bedroom rapist
Babcock Michael Fall 2017 An exploration on the Topoi: how our conceptual frameworks create our world
Noori Navid Spring 2018 Analysis of 2:1 Internal Resonance in MEMS Applications
Olguin Alvarez Marcela Itzel Fall 2017 Applying a systems approach to assess carbon emission reductions from climate change mitigation in Mexico’s forest sector
Teeple Nancy Jane Fall 2017 Arms Control on the Eve of Destruction? The Prospects for an Arctic Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone in an Age of Counterforce Dominance