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Surname Given Names Term Titlesort icon
Krzeminska Monika Spring 2017 "Defining Human Trafficking in The Context of Indigenous Labour Migration in Peru".
Zhang Lingkang Spring 2017 A Gaze-based Attention System for Multi-human Multi-robot Interaction
Densky Karen Spring 2017 A Multiple Case Study of Points of Tension during TESOL Teaching Practica
Taheri Saman Spring 2017 A novel colour Hessian and its applications
English Philina Anne Spring 2017 A role for insect availability in limiting populations of a threatened nightjar <i>Antrostomus vociferous</i>
Korall Alexandra Marie Bello Spring 2017 A Social Ecological Model of Adherence to Hip Protectors in Long-Term Care
Murray Nathan Jerome Spring 2017 Abandoned Mining Sites in British Columbia: Managing Environmental Liabilities
Peel Katharine Diana Spring 2015 Abduction, Rebellion and Reprieve: The Narratives of Former Members of the Lord's Resistance Army
Nabaei Boshra Spring 2017 Activity Monitoring Using Topic Models
Zasenko Olga Spring 2017 Algorithms for Colourful Simplicial Depth and Median in the Plane
Reale Kylie Sarah Spring 2017 An examination of sadism in sexual homicide: Are investigative awareness and the severity of sadistic behaviour distinctive features?
Shahriari Zahra Fall 2016 An extremum seeking control system for control of RF cavity resonators
Chan Helen Spring 2017 An Underutilized Resource: Investigating the Role Implementation of Nurse Practitioners in BC's Primary Care System
Johnson Michael Spring 2017 Analysis of the Bitcoin Exchange Using Particle MCMC Methods
de Moura Barbosa Dinara Spring 2017 And then you hit play: Investigating players’ responses to wayfinding cues in 3D action-adventure games
Boitnott Joshua Forrest Spring 2017 Applications of Individual Evolutionary Learning
Bushell Kevin Reid Fall 2016 Applications of next-generation sequencing to canine B-cell lymphoma and detecting ctDNA in solid human cancers
Keating Adam Vincent Spring 2017 Attracting Talent to Vancouver's Tech Sector: Policy Options for Future Growth
Li Tian Spring 2017 Bayesian Sensitivity Analysis for Non-ignorable Missing Data in Longitudinal Studies
Andreyev Julie Anna Spring 2017 Biophilic Ethics and Creativity with More-Than-Human Beings