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Surname Given Names Termsort icon Title
Yimga Eric Virgile summer 2018 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed euismod magna dui, at fringilla nulla semper id. Pellentesque elementum sed odio sit amet euismod. Donec non enim viverra, hendrerit lectus non, lacinia ante. Quisque in metus ante. Phasellus feugiat placerat metus.
Raso Kathleen Ann Summer 2018 The News at 404
LeBlanc Michelle Paula Summer 2018 Exploring the motivations and experiences of middle and older aged adult rock climbers: SSHRC grant funding proposal
Bujnowicz Kate Summer 2018 A mitigation plan for salmonid spawning habitat in the Lower Seymour River, North Vancouver
Ibrahim Mohamed Abdullahi Summer 2018 Medical returnees: Somali Canadians seeking psychosocial and spiritual healing in East Africa
Moreton Michael Leslie Summer 2018 Effects of the aquatic herbicide, Reward®, on the Fathead minnow and Northwestern Salamander
Winter Carl Summer 2018 “Grey matter”: The challenge of maintaining harmonic consistency and thematic ambiguity in the age of artificial intelligence
Mazany-Wright Nick Summer 2018 The effect of nitrogen fertilization on the physiology and morphology of Sphagnum capillifolium in an ombrotrophic bog
Tourvieille De Labrouhe Vincent Summer 2018 Appel et réponse dans les écrits de Charles de Foucauld : comment les dignités de prêtre, de prophète et de roi reçues au baptême permettent de révéler une construction scripturale de la dynamique d’appel et de réponse à sa vocation.
Oetterich Sonya Bea Summer 2018 Experimental Control of Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea stoebe) within Critical Habitat of the Endangered Half-moon Hairstreak Butterfly (Satyrium semiluna): A Pilot Study of Blakiston Fan, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta
Thimmaiah Poovanna Cheppudira Summer 2018 Development of Capillary-assisted Low Pressure Evaporator for Adsorption Chillers
Jordan Mark Jerrid Summer 2017 Mark testing
Pek Simon Summer 2017 The cultural change work of change agents without formal authority: Integrating sustainability into an organization’s culture
Nason Rebecca Summer 2017 Elucidating the physiological adaptation of loss of retinoblastoma protein in conjunction with hypoxia in neuroblastoma cells.
Choutka Courtney Paige Summer 2017 Regulation and conservation of caspase-activated autophagy
Delva Mona Lisa Summer 2017 Hand Gesture Identification in Older Adults using Force-Myography
Myschyshyn Mike Summer 2017 Methods for chemical mapping of O-GlcNAc in the Drosophila genome
Ackerley Christine Rose Summer 2017 Challenging knowledge divides: Communicating and co-creating expertise in integrated knowledge translation
Kim Dongho Summer 2017 Surface Modification of Indium Tin Oxide
Bukhari Syeda Nayab Summer 2017 Mapping the Terrain: South Asians and Ethnic Media in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia