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Surname Given Names Termsort icon Title
Jordan Mark Jerrid Summer 2017 Mark testing
Adebara Ifeoluwanimi Summer 2017 Using Womb Grammars for Inducing the Grammar of a Subset of Yorùbá Noun Phrases
Ingraham Brandon Douglas Summer 2017 Lajoie Generating Station Governor Reliability Capital Improvement Project
Cuthbert Colin Joseph Summer 2017 A place to be, a place to become: an insiders report on youth integration programs in the lower mainland
Corsie Sarah Margaret Summer 2017 US marketing and distribution of regional independent Canadian publisher Harbour Publishing
Seifi Kamyar Summer 2017 Adaptive synchronization of PR controllers in grid-connected inverters
Wu Steven Summer 2017 Using AI and Statistical Techniques to Correct Play-by-play Substitution Errors
Peterson Elizabeth Summer 2017 Development of craft specialisation during the Pre-Aksumite Period in Eastern Tigrai, Ethiopia: A study of hideworking traditions
Heath Sean Summer 2017 Bodies in water: embodiment, social Worlds, and fluid motion in competitive age-group swim clubs
Carleton Christopher Summer 2017 Archaeological and Palaeoenvironmental Time-series Analysis
van der Schyff Dylan B Summer 2017 Concepts for an enactive music pedagogy: Essays on phenomenology, embodied cognition, and music education
Qiu Derek Summer 2017 An Applied Analysis of High-Dimensional Logistic Regression
Doyle Emily Summer 2017 The Part Heloise and Her Life Played in Shaping the Ethical Doctrine of Intentionality
Massey Candace Summer 2017 Making the Breast Cancer Gene: An Archaeology of the Translational Clinic
Malick Michael Summer 2017 Multi-scale environmental forcing of pacific salmon population dynamics
Chute Carey Douglas Summer 2017 Principal beliefs, experiences, and barriers to involvement with student teachers during the practicum component of initial teacher education programs
Hui Lian Summer 2017 On the limitations of Singapore's conception of education and the question of the ideally educated citizen
Thalheimer Agatha Julia Summer 2017 An exploration of academic department chairs in British Columbia public colleges
Burgess Ryan Oliver Summer 2017 Characterizing Recharge to Fractured Bedrock in a Temperate Climate
Plut Cale Martin Summer 2017 The Audience of the Singular