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Surname Given Names Termsort icon Title
Jordan Mark Jerrid Summer 2017 Mark testing
Pek Simon Summer 2017 The cultural change work of change agents without formal authority: Integrating sustainability into an organization’s culture
Nason Rebecca Summer 2017 Elucidating the physiological adaptation of loss of retinoblastoma protein in conjunction with hypoxia in neuroblastoma cells.
Choutka Courtney Paige Summer 2017 Regulation and conservation of caspase-activated autophagy
Delva Mona Lisa Summer 2017 Hand Gesture Identification in Older Adults using Force-Myography
Myschyshyn Mike Summer 2017 Methods for chemical mapping of O-GlcNAc in the Drosophila genome
Ackerley Christine Rose Summer 2017 Challenging knowledge divides: Communicating and co-creating expertise in integrated knowledge translation
Kim Dongho Summer 2017 Surface Modification of Indium Tin Oxide
Bukhari Syeda Nayab Summer 2017 Mapping the Terrain: South Asians and Ethnic Media in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia
Esmaeilsabzali Hadi Summer 2017 Development of a microfluidic platform for size-based enrichment and immunomagnetic isolation of circulating tumour cells
Paterson Alisa Rae-Ling Summer 2017 Crystal chemistry and properties of bismuth-modified complex oxide perovskites
Belan Reagan Anne Summer 2017 Design and Synthesis of Novel, Lead-reduced Piezo-/Ferroelectric Materials
Shooshtari Pooneh Summer 2013 Spurious Signals in Thermal MEMS Gyroscope
Woodbury Nathan E Summer 2013 Identification, mode of transmission, and functional role of the microbial symbionts of firebrats, Thermobia domestica (Thysanura: Lepismatidae)
Peters Colin Heath Spring 2018 Proton modulation of residue E1784 and its regulation of fast inactivation
MacAulay Margaret Spring 2018 Virtual Friction: Networking Sexuality and HIV Prevention in the Digital Age
Pendleton Roxanne Alisha Spring 2018 Microfauna at Tse’K’wa: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction in the Peace River Region, Northeast British Columbia
Sakr Maram Gamal Ismail Elmetwally Spring 2018 Feasibility of Using Force Myography (FMG) for Estimating Hand Force and Wrist Torque
Herrnstadt Gil Spring 2018 Voluntary Driven, Velocity Controlled Tremor Suppression
Nahanee Michelle Lorna Spring 2018 Decolonizing Identity: From Indian girl to Skwxwú7mesh matriarch