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Surname Given Names Termsort icon Title
Inkster Cheryl Melissa Fall 2017 Exploring the relocation experiences of female indigenous youth in foster care through storywork
Toland Alexandra Lynn Fall 2017 Queer-What-You-Can: Queer community organizing in a gentrifying East Vancouver
Mallmann-Trenn Frederik Fall 2017 Probabilistic Analysis of Distributed Processes with Focus on Consensus
XUE DONG Fall 2017 Advanced techniques for bounded and unbounded repetition in parabix regular expression search
Malpica Cruz Luis Fall 2017 Assessing the ecological and socioeconomic impacts of the lionfish invasion in the Wider Caribbean Region
Shandro Bret Fall 2017 Linking avalanche hazard in Western Canada to climate oscillations
Hall Eric Tanner Fall 2017 Integrating regulatory mechanisms of Wnt signaling in development and tissue homeostasis
Weleschuk Zennon Fall 2017 Channelized deposits and regional parasequence sets of the Grouse Paleovalley: McMurray Formation, Alberta, Canada
Van Rossum Thea Fall 2017 Metagenomic analysis of river microbial communities
Cocuzzi Mathew Thomas Fall 2017 SFU & the City: Exploring Meaning In Community Engagement
Kou Xinxin Fall 2017 Speed versus accuracy in neural sequence tagging for natural language processing
Gallison Jordana Kimberly Fall 2017 Fear and loathing on public transportation: Applying a spatial framework to crime patterns on Vancouver's Canada Line SkyTrain System
Al-Issa Asmaa Fall 2017 visiting hundun's territory
Gill Anju Fall 2017 Discerning Claim Making: Political Representation of Indo-Canadians by Canadian Political Parties
Ensslen Katherine Amanda Fall 2017 An examination of the bedroom rapist
Boko Denis Fall 2017 Early modern reforestation: The case of the Ottoman Western Balkans
Long Robyn Frances Fall 2017 Prosocial activity in a Montessori primary classroom: a case study
Xiao Zhen Gang Fall 2017 Detecting upper extremity activity with force myography
Alagha Shima Fall 2017 Electrical transport in semiconductor nanowires
Gwiazda Linnea Tonya Else Fall 2017 in several times