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Surname Given Names Termsort icon Title
Beatch Michelle Lea Spring 2018 Buddhist understanding and skilful means: Adding depth and meaning to K-12 teachers’ practice of mindfulness
Edalatfar Fatemeh Spring 2018 Design and Fabrication of High-Performance Capacitive Micro Accelerometers
Zhang Cong Spring 2018 Crowdsourced livecast systems: Measurement and enhancement
Rogerson Christopher Thomas Taylor Spring 2018 Use and Perceived Effectiveness of Multidisciplinary Teams to Address Problematic Student Behaviour to Prevent Campus Violence in Canadian Higher Education
Borchert Sean Douglas Spring 2018 Sedimentology, Ichnology and Stratigraphic Architecture of the Viking Formation in the Chedderville Field Area, Alberta, Canada
Wong Victoria Spring 2018 1) A South African Developmental State? The Need to Overcome Incapacity and Pursue Embedded Autonomy in the 21st Century; 2) On the Fringes: Housing Policy, Urban Slums, and the Necessity for a New Direction in South Africa
Safari Abdollah Spring 2018 The use of submodels as a basis for efficient estimation of complex models
Forde Carl James Spring 2018 Design and usage of a private margin on public online discussions: Experiences from semester-long mixed-mode courses
Beninger Stefanie Shirlee Ann Spring 2018 Exploring marketing transformations: A marketing systems approach to understanding impoverished contexts
Bourgeois Shaun Paul Spring 2018 7-degree-of-freedom hybrid-manipulator exoskeleton for lower-limb motion capture
Short Devin Spring 2018 Nuclear isobar separation for Penning trap mass measurements at TRIUMF
Penko Lauren D'Souza Spring 2018 Technical apparel performance for women during rest and exercise in a cold environment
Mercer Joanne Spring 2018 Investigating a model lipid nanoparticle release system with 2H NMR and SAXS
Matkin Brendan Benjamin Spring 2018 ʔeləw̓k̓ʷ – Belongings: Embodied cultural values in tangible interaction design
Nykyforiak Tara Lyn Spring 2018 City stories: Publishing alternative dialogues from Vancouver’s past
Joensuu Eva Eleonora Spring 2018 A politics of disgust: Selfhood, world-making, and ethics
Cheng George Haiping Spring 2018 Large-scale design optimization methods for problems with expensive objectives and constraints
Shabash Boris Spring 2018 jViz.RNA 4.0 - Advanced integration methods, pseudoknot visualization, and online editing in the context of RNA secondary structure visualization
Li Zenan Spring 2018 Investigating the neuroprotective role of OGA inhibition by Thiamet-G against Alzheimer's disease
Musngi Magnus Michael Marquez Spring 2018 Fall detection algorithms using accelerometers, gyroscopes and a barometric pressure sensor