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Surname Given Names Termsort icon Title
Lee Austin Woohyuk Fall 2017 Covalent surface modification of silicon oxides
Ma Rui Fall 2017 Sub-Scene Level Analysis and Synthesis of 3D Indoor Scenes
Sharpe Ciara Fall 2017 Abiotic and biotic dimensions of habitat for juvenile salmon and other fishes in the Skeena River estuary
Eyawo Oghenowede Fall 2017 Changes in Causes of Death, the Impact on Life Expectancy, and the Risk of Myocardial Infarction Among People Living with and without HIV
Artelle Kyle Adam Fall 2017 The role of science in wildlife management: From grizzly bears in British Columbia to hunted species across Canada and the United States
Rahman Anis Fall 2017 Television Journalism, Market-orientation, and Media Democratization in Bangladesh
Shamsi Kazem Abadi Saeideh Fall 2017 Directed evolution of a bacterial sialidase and characterization of mechanism based inactivation of glycosidases
Tiampo Carmen French Fall 2017 As I Remember It: UBC Press’s Initiative for Digital Publishing in Indigenous Studies
Carlson Tyler Fall 2017 Linking Community-Based Monitoring to Water Policy in Canada
Gupta Tanishka Fall 2017 Collecting Baseline Socio-Economic Data for Socio-Economic Impact Assessment: The Metlakatla Membership Census
Grosskopf Michael Fall 2017 Bayesian methodology for latent function modeling in applied physics and engineering
Shorten Lisa Marie Fall 2017 The price of admission: Private English schools at the Inner/Expanding Circle interface
Khan Afrina Rahman Fall 2017 Post 9/11 trauma: A mother’s concern about her adolescent daughter in a Canadian public-school
Wong Victoria Spring 2018 1) A South African Developmental State? The Need to Overcome Incapacity and Pursue Embedded Autonomy in the 21st Century; 2) On the Fringes: Housing Policy, Urban Slums, and the Necessity for a New Direction in South Africa
Edalatfar Fatemeh Spring 2018 Design and Fabrication of High-Performance Capacitive Micro Accelerometers
Safari Abdollah Spring 2018 The use of submodels as a basis for efficient estimation of complex models
Leddy Shannon Spring 2018 Starting from now, learning to see: Introducing pre-service teachers to the process of Indigenous education through a phenomenological art inquiry
Peters Colin Heath Spring 2018 Proton modulation of residue E1784 and its regulation of fast inactivation
MacAulay Margaret Spring 2018 Virtual friction: Networking sexuality and HIV prevention in the digital age
Pendleton Roxanne Alisha Spring 2018 Microfauna at Tse’K’wa: Paleoenvironmental reconstruction in the Peace River Region, Northeast British Columbia