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Surname Given Names Termsort icon Title
Dargahi Daryanaz Fall 2016 Pan-Cancer Identification and Prioritization of Cancer-Associated Alternatively Spliced and Differentially Expressed Genes: A Biomarker Discovery Application
Bigonnesse Catherine Fall 2017 The Role of the Socio-Physical Environment on Aging in Place for Older Adults in Cohousing and Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities
Sturrock Gordon Fall 2017 "Long-Term Perceived Outcomes of an Integrated Curriculum Program as it Relates to Active Citizenship".
Li Leon Yu Zheng Fall 2017 The role of pathogen diversity on the evolution of resistance
Bell Kirsten Erin Fall 2017 Risky Business: Consultations with Journal Editors Regarding a Proposed Cooperative Scholarly Publishing Model
Mohammadnia Mohammad Reza Fall 2017 Precision and reliability of application specific designs on FPGA
Babcock Michael Fall 2017 An exploration on the Topoi: how our conceptual frameworks create our world
Wright Brittany Kailey Louisa Fall 2017 Development of a photo-controlled polymeric dry adhesive
Liu Xuehan Fall 2017 Exploring the Feasibility of Ion Beam Gyroscope Based on Corona Discharge
Xue Ming Fall 2017 Cold War Legacies in Contemporary Institutionalized Thinking on Development Communication: A Case Study of Two UNDP and EP ICT4D Reports
Ranade Ameya Vinay Fall 2017 Understanding Milk Protein Adsorption as a Model to Study Sample Loss in Proteomics
Hoseini Atiyeh Fall 2017 Thermal performance of aerogel blanket insulation
Vaartnou Tiiu Fall 2017 In good conscience: fast food, greenwashing and advertising
Lee Woohyuk Fall 2017 Covalent Surface Modification of Silicon Oxides
Barlev Adam Fall 2017 DNA Repair by DNA with Visible Light: Investigations and Implications
Inkster Cheryl Melissa Fall 2017 Exploring the Relocation Experiences of Female Indigenous Youth in Foster Care through Storywork
Hegland Linda Hilda Yvonne Fall 2017 Revealing place through art: A métissage of indwelling within thin places
Toland Alexandra Lynn Fall 2017 Queer-What-You-Can: Queer community organizing in a gentrifying East Vancouver
Scrivens Ryan Matthew Fall 2017 Understanding the Collective Identity of the Radical Right Online: A Mixed-Methods Approach
Mallmann-Trenn Frederik Fall 2017 Probabilistic Analysis of Distributed Processes with Focus on Consensus