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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Vayavur Rajesh Fall 2017 Seismic and potential field constraints on the shallow crustal structure of inner Bering shelf, offshore southwestern Alaska
Van Rossum Thea Fall 2017 Metagenomic analysis of river microbial communities
Van Der Putten Sonja Aicha Fall 2017 The Impact of One School Community on Female Refugee Adolescents and their Sense of Belonging
Vacariu Andrei Vlad Fall 2017 A High-Throughput Dependency Parser
Vaartnou Tiiu Fall 2017 In good conscience: fast food, greenwashing and advertising
Toland Alexandra Lynn Fall 2017 Queer-What-You-Can: Queer community organizing in a gentrifying East Vancouver
Tiampo Carmen French Fall 2017 As I Remember It: UBC Press’s Initiative for Digital Publishing in Indigenous Studies
Szymanski Nathan Jursza Fall 2017 Emulous Fellowship and the Elizabethan Pastoral Eclogue
Swanlund David Andrew Fall 2017 Geosurveillance, Biometrics, and Resistance
Sturrock Gordon Fall 2017 Long-term perceived outcomes of an integrated curriculum program as it relates to active citizenship
Smith Jonathan Fall 2017 REP3D: 3D Human Motion Capture Dataset for Athletic Movement
Shumayrikh Nisreen Fall 2017 Heme-utilizing ribozymes and DNAzymes: Biological impacts, structural aspects, and a kinetic model of activation
Shorten Lisa Marie Fall 2017 The price of admission: Private English schools at the Inner/Expanding Circle interface
Shooshtari Pooneh Summer 2013 Spurious Signals in Thermal MEMS Gyroscope
Shaw Jennifer E. Spring 2018 “To Live My Life”: An ethnography of cross-border life and kinship from the perspectives of Filipina/o-Canadian youths
Shashank Aateka Farah Fall 2017 Walkability and connectivity: unpacking measures of the built environment
Sharpe Ciara Fall 2017 Abiotic and biotic dimensions of habitat for juvenile salmon and other fishes in the Skeena River estuary
Shandro Bret Fall 2017 Linking avalanche hazard in Western Canada to climate oscillations
Shamsi Kazem Abadi Saeideh Fall 2017 Directed evolution of a bacterial sialidase and characterization of mechanism based inactivation of glycosidases
Shafi Mohammad Atif Bin Fall 2017 Development of a Robust Pipeline for Mapping of Subcortical Structures