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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Zhuang Qianqi Summer 2017 USB 3.0 Machine Vision Camera Hardware Design and FPGA Implementation
Zhao Joanna Summer 2017 Differences in Prescription Drug use Among 5-year Survivors of Childhood, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancer and the General Population in British Columbia, Canada
Zhao Zijin Summer 2017 Classification in the Presence of Heavy Label Noise: A Markov Chain Sampling Framework
Zhang Ying Summer 2017 A Multi-Dimensional Bühlmann Credibility Approach to Modeling Multi-Population Mortality Rates
Zhang Zhihua Summer 2017 Past Expectations, Current Experiences, and Imagined Futures: Narrative Accounts of Chinese International Students in Canada
Yue Alice Summer 2017 Feature-based Comparison of Flow Cytometry Data
Yuchi Weiran Summer 2017 Modelling Fine Particulate Matter Concentrations inside the Homes of Pregnant Women in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Yoon Paul Kisik Fall 2015 Robust human motion tracking using wireless and inertial sensors
Yim Ji Dong Summer 2017 Robotic User Interface for Telecommunication
Wu Steven Summer 2017 Using AI and Statistical Techniques to Correct Play-by-play Substitution Errors
Wu Edith Summer 2017 The steam-valve theory: Terrorism and political efficacy
Wu Yuyao Summer 2017 DynDash: Multiple Coordinated Dashboards for Exploratory Data Analysis
Woodbury Nathan E Summer 2013 Identification, mode of transmission, and functional role of the microbial symbionts of firebrats, Thermobia domestica (Thysanura: Lepismatidae)
Wiesenthal Zeph Arlen-Jacob Summer 2017 The Sultan-Caliph and the Heroes of Liberty: Heroism, Revolution, and the Contestation of Public Persona in the late Ottoman Empire, c. 1900-1918
Wang Xin Summer 2017 Recommendation in Social Media: Utilizing Relationships among Users to Enhance Personalized Recommendation
Wang Haixu Summer 2017 Estimating conditional intensity conditional function of a neural spike train by particle Markov chain Monte Carlo and smoothing
Wakefield Matthew Aaron Summer 2017 Emotion differentiation, borderline personality features, and self-destructive behaviour
Verzuh Ronald William Summer 2017 Divided Loyalties:A Study of a Communist-Led Trade Union’s Struggle For Survival in Trail, British Columbia, 1943-1955
Vaughan Adam Summer 2017 The role of time and space on the interaction between persons with serious mental illness and the police: A mixed methods study
Varis Morgan Elizabeth Summer 2017 Justice in the Words of Elders: Stories, Teachings and Wisdom on Unceded Coast Salish Territory