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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Zhong Yatao Spring 2017 Learning Person Trajectory Features for Sports Video Analysis
Zhang Lingkang Spring 2017 A Gaze-based Attention System for Multi-human Multi-robot Interaction
Zasenko Olga Spring 2017 Algorithms for Colourful Simplicial Depth and Median in the Plane
Zarrinderakht Maryam Spring 2017 Numerical Simulations of a Multiscale Model for Maple Sap Exudation
Zarrinderakht Maryam Spring 2017 Numerical Simulations of a Multiscale Model for Maple Sap Exudation
Yousefian Maria Spring 2017 Design and Implementation of a Smartphone Application for Estimating Foot Clearance during Walking
Yoon Paul Kisik Fall 2015 Robust human motion tracking using wireless and inertial sensors
Woodbury Nathan E Summer 2013 Identification, mode of transmission, and functional role of the microbial symbionts of firebrats, Thermobia domestica (Thysanura: Lepismatidae)
Wong Stephanie Spring 2017 Collaboration and Awareness Amongst Flight Attendants
Wilson Ann Spring 2017 Joining Learning and Making: A Practitioner’s Retrospective Auto/biographical Account of How Inquiry Can Contribute to Social Justice Efforts in a Community
Weir Lauren Hadfield Spring 2017 Determining threat status for data-limited fisheries based on catch-only stock assessment models
Wang Bixia Spring 2016 Growth and Characterization of Lead Zirconate-Titanate (PbZr1-xTixO3)-Based Novel Piezo-/Ferroelectric Single Crystals
Wang Yijian Spring 2017 Cloud-assisted Real-time Free Viewpoint Video Rendering and Streaming System
Venkatesan Senthil Velan Spring 2017 Investigation of Mesoscopic Degradation Phenomena in Fuel Cells
Venditti-Closson Kalysha Anne Spring 2017 Sexual self-efficacy among adolescent men and women living in an HIV-hyper-endemic setting of South Africa
Vargas Trujillo Jaime Spring 2017 Towards Learning of a Joint Geometry-Structure Manifold for Shape Exploration
Van Pelt Ginny Victoria Spring 2017 Reflecting the Mosaic: An investigation of diversity at academic institutions
Unterman Benjamin Asher Spring 2017 Framing Effects: The Impact of Framing on Copresence in Virtual Theatre
Truscott Derra Spring 2017 Relationships between STEM self-efficacy, same-sex role models and academic behaviour
To Daniel Ming Lui Spring 2017 Parental Support for Students Who Participate in High School Athletics: An Exploration of the Perceived Influence of Parents and Its Effect on Student Self-Efficacy and Academic Success