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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Abdelsayed Mena Fawzy Spring 2018 Physiological and Pharmacological Switches Combine to Uniquely Modulate the Most Common Cardiac Sodium Channel Mutant, E1784K
Aburegeba Zina Spring 2018 Characterization of suppressors of fat-like cadherin CDH-4 in context of axon guidance during embryonic development
Ackerley Christine Rose Summer 2017 Challenging knowledge divides: Communicating and co-creating expertise in integrated knowledge translation
Adams Krystyna Spring 2018 The Case of "Molar City", Mexico: An Ethical Examination of Medical Tourism Industry Practices
Al-Ali Wafa Mustafa S. Spring 2018 A grammar of religion: Metaphorical understanding of religious discourse
Alajlan Khaled Saleh Spring 2018 Evaluation of school principals: Responses from education leaders in Saudi Arabia
Aldebeyan Fahad Ahmad Spring 2018 Improving software quality for regular expression matching tools using automated combinatorial testing
Aljohani Randa Spring 2018 The role of action videogame training in spatial cognition: A study of training and transfer effect
Alsalim Lyla Spring 2018 Using patterns-of-participation approach to understand high school mathematics teachers' classroom practice in Saudi Arabia
Artelle Kyle Adam Fall 2017 The role of science in wildlife management: From grizzly bears in British Columbia to hunted species across Canada and the United States
Athey Nicholas Craig Spring 2018 A profile of medical cannabis users residing in Canada and the United Kingdom: Accounting for policy and experience
Atoyebi Oladele Ademola Spring 2018 A reformulation and assessment of the Global AgeWatch Index: Inclusion of a gender-based domain
Bagai Abhimanyu Spring 2018 Photocatalytic fluorination of benzylic C-H bonds and studies towards the synthesis of salinosporamide C
Barone Alexandra Chantal Spring 2018 An alternative response: Developing restorative justice for sexual violence on BC university campuses
Beatch Michelle Lea Spring 2018 Buddhist understanding and skilful means: Adding depth and meaning to K-12 teachers’ practice of mindfulness
Beaton Marie Denise Spring 2018 Stories of resident-to-resident aggression: Fears and experiences in long-term residential care
Belan Reagan Anne Summer 2017 Design and Synthesis of Novel, Lead-reduced Piezo-/Ferroelectric Materials
Beninger Stefanie Shirlee Ann Spring 2018 Exploring marketing transformations: A marketing systems approach to understanding impoverished contexts
Blackwell Evan Alexander Spring 2018 The fading siren call: How the Islamic State’s territorial decline has reshaped its propaganda content
Blenkarn Patrick John Spring 2018 Books