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Fall 2017
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Project Report
Publishing Program
Communication, Art & Technology
Senior supervisor: 
Hannah McGregor
Thesis title: 
Opening the Doors to Knowledge: Rebus’ Collaborative Publishing Model for Open Textbooks
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Over the last thirty years, the cost of education has become prohibitively expensive, both in terms of tuition and with reference to rising textbook costs. In response, organizations such as the Rebus Foundation are working towards the development of scalable models of Open Textbook creation. This report outlines, examines, and critiques Rebus’ efforts. It historicizes the Open Education Movement, and delineates Rebus’ role within the current textbook publishing landscape. Concentrating on the Rebus Community Forum, it initially evaluates the organization’s acquisitions and editorial practices with a focus on avenues for improvement. Moving along the Open Textbook production line, it examines issues related to peer review and accessibility, before understanding Rebus’ attempts to market, promote, and update its Open Textbooks after publication. Collectively, these efforts attempt to transform educational publishing into a more equitable space.
Publishing; Open textbooks; Education; Open education; Educational publishing; Publishing technology; Collaboration
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