Cham, Jesmine Chyi Wen - Rise of the Independent Publisher: How Greystone Books Rebuilt Itself...

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Summer 2017
Degree type: 
Project Report
Publishing Program
Communication, Art & Technology
Senior supervisor: 
John Maxwell
Thesis title: 
Rise of the Independent Publisher: How Greystone Books Rebuilt Itself
Given Names: 
Jesmine Chyi Wen
After D&M Publishers filed for bankruptcy protection in 2012, Greystone Books relaunched as an independent publishing company in March 2013. In the time since, the company has not only picked up where it has left off, but has gone on to expand its operations in terms of staff, partnerships, and projects. Maintaining a consistent editorial direction involving different sources of publishing material, Greystone has kept costs to a manageable level, and has been able to build and grow business relationships that benefit both the publishing house and its partners. Its connections with other organizations as well as an established editorial brand have contributed to the company's survival. Greystone's business model and practices have shown how an independent publishing house can address the many challenges of a relaunch in the Canadian publishing industry.
Greystone Books; Canadian publishing; D&M Publishers; partnerships; David Suzuki Foundation
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