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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Aavani Amir Spring 2014 Enfragmo: A System for Grounding Extended First-Order Logic to SAT
Al-Hajj Samar Spring 2014 Collaborative Visual Analytics for public health: facilitating problem solving and supporting decision-making
Arnold Jonathan Mark Spring 2014 Caught in Traffic: Road Congestion in Metro Vancouver and its Impact on Commercial Goods Movement
Attarchi Sepehr Spring 2014 An intelligent system for energy-efficient lighting and illuminance control in buildings
BakhtiariKouhsorkhi Amirhossein Fall 2013 Detecting Pedestrians Using Motion Patterns: a Latent Tracking Approach
Barker Brittany Michelle Spring 2014 Left behind: fostering better outcomes for youth in BC's child welfare system
Benoit Ian Spring 2014 Electrical energy generation and strategic land use planning: applications for Haida Gwaii
Besso Shanthi Spring 2014 Strengthening university and community capacities: models for engagement and education
Birrell Sandra Spring 2014 Evidence of Disequilibrium and Changes in Metacognitive Awareness in Prompted Co-Operative Students’ Work Term Blogs
Bonneau Nancy Melanie Ann Fall 2013 Shuswap and Okanagan First Nation Root Food Protocols
Bull Sarah Elisabeth Spring 2014 Obscenity and the Publication of Sexual Science in Britain, 1810-1914
Cernak Paul Fall 2013 Discovery of a thiamin-utilizing α-keto acid decarboxylase ribozyme: Implications for RNA’s role in primordial metabolism
Coatta Katherine Leith Spring 2014 A conceptual and theoretical analysis of resilience in the context of aging with multiple morbidities
Currier Heidi Alisha Spring 2014 Exposure to brominated flame retardants and their associated effects on the growth and development, and breeding success in two avian models; the zebra finch and the European starling
Dargahi Daryanaz Summer 2011 Identification of interferon inducible protein 16 functional homologues in model organism C. elegans
DeFreitas Vanessa Gina Spring 2014 The nature and specificity of verbal memory interference in first episode schizophrenia
Dehghani Ashkezari Mohammad Spring 2014 Microwave Spectroscopy of Magnetically Trapped Atomic Antihydrogen
DeVorkin Lindsay Yvonne Spring 2013 Caspase regulation of autophagy in Drosophila melanogaster
Dholakia Rohit Spring 2014 Real-world use of pivot languages to translate low-resource languages
Díaz Téllez Juan Pablo Spring 2013 Adhesion enhancement of a biomimetic dry adhesive by means of an increase to the Hamaker constant via nanocomposite formation