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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Acharyya Rashmisnata Spring 2017 2-Median Problems in Tree Networks
Adebara Ifeoluwanimi Summer 2017 Using Womb Grammars for Inducing the Grammar of a Subset of Yorùbá Noun Phrases
Alavi Nezam Matthew Spring 2017 Polymeric Pressure Cushions for Potential Applications on Forearm Robotic Orthoses
Andreyev Julie Anna Spring 2017 Biophilic Ethics and Creativity with More-Than-Human Beings
Arab Ali Summer 2017 Examining the Impact of Propagating and Partitioning for Mutation Analysis of C Programs
Baron Samuel Fredrick Spring 2017 Sharing Space on Granville Island: An Assessment of Shared Street Performance
Benam Ardalan Spring 2017 Similar Image Retrieval for Dermoscopy Images Using Interest Point Detection
Bettocchi-Barrow Joana Spring 2017 Health in Distant Fields: An Ethnographic Study of Latin American Migrant Farmworkers’ Access to Health Services in Canada
Bing Eric Allan Spring 2017 Charging Up: Policies to Spark Electric Vehicle Adoption in Metro Vancouver
Bittner Robert Spring 2017 Theorizing Trans Readership: Examining Ways of Reading Trans Themed Young Adult Literature
Blustein Jared Eilan Spring 2017 The Ambiguity of Resistance: Civil Society Engagements with Neoliberalism
Boitnott Joshua Forrest Spring 2017 Applications of Individual Evolutionary Learning
Bowers Kathleen Michelle Spring 2017 HPV Social Marketing Campaigns: Novel Applications for Social Media Use
Breen Sarah-Patricia Wickett Spring 2017 From staples theory to new regionalism: managing drinking water for regional resilience in rural British Columbia
Brown Colin Joseph Spring 2017 Modelling and Prediction of Neurodevelopment in Preterm Infants using Structural Connectome Data
Bushell Kevin Reid Fall 2016 Applications of next-generation sequencing to canine B-cell lymphoma and detecting ctDNA in solid human cancers
Caldi Hope Evelyn Spring 2017 Supporting Syrians in Surrey: Policy Options to Increase the Responsiveness of the British Columbian Settlement System to Refugee Needs
Caragata Glenyth Elaine Spring 2017 Model development and exploration into the driving decisions of older adults
Carleton Christopher Summer 2017 Archaeological and Palaeoenvironmental Time-series Analysis
Carlson Scott Alexander Spring 2017 Room to Grow: Policy Options for Developing BC’s Early Childhood Education Workforce