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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Abedi Samakoush Fatemeh Summer 2016 Genetic analysis of the role of the OsARF11 gene in rice development
Abramson Alana Marie Summer 2016 Transformative Possibilities: A journey through tertiary restorative justice education
Aflatoony Leila Summer 2015 Development, implementation, and evaluation of an interaction design thinking course in the context of secondary education
Afshinmanesh Elham Summer 2016 Reprogramming human peripheral blood mononuclear cells to inducible pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC): An examination of the efficacy of different methods
Ahadi Daniel Summer 2016 Iranian Community Media in Stockholm: Locality, Transnationality, and Multicultural Adaptation
Ahmed Ausama Hadi Summer 2016 Optimizing the Forces of Climbing Robots
Ali Liaqat Summer 2016 Leveraging MSLQ dataset for predicting students’ achievement goal orientations
Arnold Elizabeth Jane Sandra Summer 2016 Cultivating Global Citizens: Global Citizenship Education in a Moment of Neoliberal Globalization
Bains Rajneesh Kaur Summer 2016 Designing artificial electron transfer pathways in dioxygen-activating metalloenzymes
Baitz Heather A. Summer 2016 Component processes of decision making in persons with substance use disorders
Baratova Malika Summer 2016 Community Gardens in Vancouver: An exploration of communication, food sovereignty, and activism
Barrett Boyd Nkosane Summer 2016 Fostering sustainable recreational fisheries through informed management decisions: A revamped approach for collecting data from white sturgeon anglers
Bega Artemisa Summer 2016 Infectious Salmon Anaemia Virus: The political power of a small infectious agent
Bergeron-Brlek Milan Summer 2015 Tandem Organocatalytic α-Chlorination−Aldol Reactions: A Powerful Tool for Carbohydrate and Iminosugars Synthesis
Beyer Alexander G W Summer 2016 Where Skeptics go to Party – EU-Positions of Factions in the European Parliament
Booy Regard Martijn Summer 2016 Clarifying the NAP Effect and the Role of Dispositional Factors: Behavioural and Electrophysiological Investigations
Bordignon Nicholas Paruzzolo Summer 2016 The Influence of Emotional Affect on Sexual Assault
Bowden Amelia Marie Summer 2016 Revitalizing Suburban Neighbourhoods with Smart Growth Design: A Case Study of Walkability in the Town Centre of Maple Ridge, BC
Burkowicz Jakub Michal Summer 2016 Peripheral Europeans: The History of the Racialization of Slavs in Canada
Cao Jiabin Summer 2016 Ion discharge cooling device