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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Adebara Ifeoluwanimi Summer 2017 Using Womb Grammars for Inducing the Grammar of a Subset of Yorùbá Noun Phrases
Ahmadvand Payam Summer 2017 Machine Learning Driven Active Surfaces for 3D Segmentation of Tumour Lesions in PET Images
Alavi Nezam Matthew Spring 2017 Polymeric Pressure Cushions for Potential Applications on Forearm Robotic Orthoses
Allan Darien Elizabeth Summer 2017 Student actions as a window into goals and motives in the secondary mathematics classroom
Allan Darien Elizabeth Summer 2017 Student actions as a window into goals and motives in the secondary mathematics classroom
Almarza Carmen Cecilia Summer 2017 The clinical practice of embodied care: A phenomenological examination of physician-family interactions in oncological treatment
Arab Ali Summer 2017 Examining the Impact of Propagating and Partitioning for Mutation Analysis of C Programs
Armstrong Chelsey Geralda Denise Summer 2017 Historical Ecology of Cultural Landscapes in the Pacific Northwest
Astudillo Fernando Summer 2017 Environmental Historical Archaeology of the Galápagos Islands: Paleoethnobotany of Hacienda El Progreso, 1870-1904
Balanzategui Daniela Catalina Summer 2017 Archaeology of the Afro-Ecuadorians in La Concepción, Ancestral Territory of the Chota-Mira Valley (Carchi-Ecuador)
Bauck Naazneen Ann Summer 2017 The Transition from High School Mathematics to First Year Calculus
Beaud Flavien Summer 2017 Numerical investigations of subglacial hydrology as a direct and indirect driver of glacial erosion
Bigonnesse Catherine Summer 2017 The Role of the Socio-Physical Environment on Aging in Place for Older Adults in Cohousing and Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities
Burgess Ryan Oliver Summer 2017 Characterizing Recharge to Fractured Bedrock in a Temperate Climate
Bushell Kevin Reid Fall 2016 Applications of next-generation sequencing to canine B-cell lymphoma and detecting ctDNA in solid human cancers
Carleton Christopher Summer 2017 Archaeological and Palaeoenvironmental Time-series Analysis
Carolan Patrick Lennon Summer 2017 Searching “Inaffectively”: A Behavioral, Psychometric, and Electroencephalographic Investigation of Psychopathic Personality and Visual-Spatial Attention
Chiru Ioana Mihaela Summer 2017 Occasioning flow in the mathematics classroom: optimal experiences in common places
Choutka Courtney Paige Summer 2017 Regulation and conservation of caspase-activated autophagy
Chow Brendin Thomas Summer 2017 Technological Improvements for Linear Ion Trap Experiments