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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Abboud Vivian Fall 2015 Représentations de la formation continue des enseignants de français langue seconde chez des acteurs éducatifs en Alberta
Adams Philippa Rush Fall 2015 Creativity within constraints: Encoding, production, and representation in Battlestar Galactica
Adler Barbara Lynn Fall 2015 Klasika
Aflatoony Leila Summer 2015 Development, implementation, and evaluation of an interaction design thinking course in the context of secondary education
Akram Aumbreen Spring 2016 Regulation of the kinesin-3 motor, KIF1A, in a cellular model of Alzheimer’s disease
Ali Farhana Fall 2015 Assessment of endocrine disrupting chemicals in water and sediment samples from British Columbia, Canada
Almaiman Alaa Jameel M Fall 2015 Mentoring and the Public Health Workforce: A Scoping Review
Alsadoon Reem Abduljabbar Fall 2015 Vowel blindness: Computer-mediated help options for Arabic EFL learners
Andisheh Tadbir Mehdi Spring 2016 Modeling and characterization of micro-porous layers in fuel cells
Arte Basra Fall 2015 Navigating the pitfalls of the refugee dream: Understanding the integration issues faced by Somali Canadian male youth
Asadi Rad Amir Mahmoud Fall 2015 The Use of Light to Control Photo-thermoresponsive Systems
Astles Brooke Lindsay Fall 2015 The impact of outdoor environments on health and well-being of residents in long-term care facilities: A review of the literature
Babagolzadeh Razieh Fall 2015 Understanding the Mughal Book of War: A Translation and Analysis of Abu’l-Fazl’s Preface to the Razmnama
Bailey Harry Joseph Fall 2015 Addressing intermittency issues for renewable energy resources in British Columbia from the supply and demand perspectives.
Baji Anusha Fall 2015 Assessing municipal climate policies in British Columbia
Bakhtiarizadeh Hamidreza Spring 2016 The Effect of Innovation on Income Inequality in Canadian Cities
Bay Lisa Fall 2015 Filtering our selves: Associations between early adolescent self-perceptions and Instagram activity
Beliveau Audrey Spring 2016 Data integration methods for studying animal population dynamics
Bergeron-Brlek Milan Summer 2015 Tandem Organocatalytic α-Chlorination−Aldol Reactions: A Powerful Tool for Carbohydrate and Iminosugars Synthesis
Berry Julia Lauren Spring 2016 Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Change in Urban Areas: An Evaluation of Rainwater Management Practices in Metro Vancouver