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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Abadir Lara Amelie Fall 2015 Domesticating Monsters
Adams Philippa Rush Fall 2015 Creativity Within Constraints: Encoding, Production, and Representation in Battlestar Galactica
Aflatoony Leila Summer 2015 Development, implementation, and evaluation of an interaction design thinking course in the context of secondary education
Alhashim Ibraheem Fall 2015 Topology-Varying Shape Matching and Modeling
Almaiman Alaa Jameel M Fall 2015 Mentoring and the Public Health Workforce: A Scoping Review
Angelstad Martin Alexander Summer 2015 Development of Novel Instrumentation and Methodologies for Particulate Bound Phthalate Measurements
Asadi Rad Amir Mahmoud Fall 2015 The Use of Light to Control Photo-thermoresponsive Systems
Astles Brooke Lindsay Fall 2015 The Impact of Outdoor Environments on Health and Well-being of Residents in Long-term Care Facilities: A Review of the Literature
Beltran-Sellitti Elaine de Fatima Summer 2015 Teaching without Teaching? The Role of the Early Childhood Educator Co-constructing Long Term Investigations with Children
Bergeron-Brlek Milan Summer 2015 Tandem Organocatalytic α-Chlorination−Aldol Reactions: A Powerful Tool for Carbohydrate and Iminosugars Synthesis
Bu Te Fall 2015 Joint prediction of word alignment and alignment types for statistical machine translation
Chiang Daniel Yi-Chun Spring 2015 Biochemical characterization of signal peptide processing enzymes: Staphylococcus aureus signal peptidase I and Escherichia coli signal peptide peptidase A2
Chiang Anita Fall 2015 'Victim', 'Deviant', or 'Worker' but Nothing in Between: Revisiting Prostitution Discourse within Bedford v. Canada
Chomitz Michael Summer 2015 Variance in Initiation Factors Does Not Strongly Affect the Replication Profile of Budding Yeast DNA
Clark Thomas Fall 2014 Investigations into O-GlcNAcylation through analytical mass spectrometry
Clayton Margaret Anne Summer 2014 Characterization and Analysis of the Mitchell Creek Landslide: A Large-scale Rock Slope Instability in northwestern British Columbia
Deefholts Glenn Murray Fall 2015 Character and the Art of Memory: Interpreting Virginia Woolf's "A Sketch of the Past"
Durey Lucien Serge Fall 2015 A single rope, tossed over a high, sturdy branch
Elliott Marina Catherine Spring 2015 Estimating Body Mass In Biological Anthropology: An Evaluation Using Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography
Ellison Anne Margaret Fall 2015 Acute but not chronic effects of predator presence on song sparrow (Melospiza melodia) singing behaviour