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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Alavi Nezam Matthew Spring 2017 Polymeric Pressure Cushions for Potential Applications on Forearm Robotic Orthoses
Allen Willow Spring 2017 White Euro-Canadian Women in Transracial/cultural Families: Lived Experiences of Race and Difference.
Amin Ashfaq Mahmood Spring 2017 Effectiveness of Mobile Virtual Reality as a Means for Pain Distraction
Aziz Sana Fall 2016 Person-Centered Care Practices and Organizational Issues in Long-Term Care Facilities: A review and synthesis of the literature
Bai Yang Fall 2016 IBNR Claims Reserving Using INAR Processes
Bartolo Tania Fall 2016 Developmental antecedents of sadness and anger rumination: Examining the roles of attachment and affect regulation
Basiru Morufu Adewale Fall 2016 In Search of Cordilleran Point Sources to the Southern McMurray Sub-Basin
Benoy Nicholas David Fall 2016 Towards a spatial imperative in public urban development geovisual analysis and communication
Bhanwer Aisha K. Fall 2016 The Structured Assessment of Protective Factors for Violence Risk – Youth Version (SAPROF-YV): The Association Between Protective Factors and Aggression in Adolescents
Bittner Robert Spring 2017 Theorizing Trans Readership: Examining Ways of Reading Trans Themed Young Adult Literature
Boitnott Joshua Forrest Spring 2017 Applications of Individual Evolutionary Learning
Bordini Alessandra Spring 2017 From the Aldine Press to Aldus@SFU: Showcasing Simon Fraser University Library’s Aldines Online
Bourdages Madeleine Gisele Fall 2016 The Influence of Group Music Therapy on Residents with Dementia in a Special Care Unit
Breen Sarah-Patricia Wickett Spring 2017 From staples theory to new regionalism: managing drinking water for regional resilience in rural British Columbia
Brown Kelly E. Fall 2016 Developing Minimally Impactful Protocols for DNA Analysis of Museum Collection Bone Artifacts
Caragata Glenyth Elaine Spring 2017 Model Development and Exploration into the Driving Decisions of Older Adults
Chan Dawn Fall 2016 Associations among teacher-student interpersonal relationships and students’ intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and academic achievement: A cross cultural study
Chan Justin Ho-Chung Fall 2016 Three Problems Involving Permutations
Chen Yen-Chen (Jenny) Fall 2016 Pricing Defaultable Catastrophe Bonds with Compound Doubly Stochastic Poisson Losses and Liquidity Risk
Chow Kevin Jongdak Fall 2016 Linearly stabilized schemes for the time integration of stiff nonlinear PDEs