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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Abdelsadek-Ahmed Ahmed Mohammed Fall 2014 Distributed Index for Matching Multimedia Objects
Akhtari-Zavareh Azadeh Fall 2014 Off-Axis Electron Holography of Isolated Ferromagnetic Nanowires
Aldhamin Abdullah Hasan A Fall 2014 Flash Storage Management Algorithm for Large-Scale Hybrid Storage Systems
Atkinson Alison Elisabeth Spring 2015 The things we carry: the hermeneutics of moral education and teaching high school English
Attarchi Sepehr Spring 2014 An intelligent system for energy-efficient lighting and illuminance control in buildings
Boscarino Gaspare Spring 2014 An Environment for Advanced Simulation and Control of Lighting Systems
Brown Andrew Ivan Summer 2014 The Sexual Workshop: A Technology and Phenomenology of Internet Porn
Brumbaugh Heidi Spring 2015 Self-assigned ranking of L2 vocabulary: using the Bricklayer computer game to assess depth of word knowledge
Chen Shuang Fall 2014 Natural Hedging Using Multi-population Mortality Forecasting Models
Clark Thomas Fall 2014 Investigations into O-GlcNAcylation through analytical mass spectrometry
Clayton Margaret Anne Summer 2014 Characterization and Analysis of the Mitchell Creek Landslide: A Large-scale Rock Slope Instability in northwestern British Columbia
Crosley Erin Jane Summer 2014 The pappalysins and their substrates in early pregnancy
Davidson Tera Kathleen Spring 2015 “A jewel of mine”: The murder of Maple Batalia and Gendered Violence in the Mainstream News Media
Dennison Mark Gordon Spring 2014 Functional analysis of the E3 ubiquitin ligase HECTD1, and its relationship with the TRABID deubiquitinase
DeWith Yvonne Spring 2015 Development of Teacher Expertise with Interactive Whiteboards: A Collaborative Inquiry using Grounded Theory
Dubman Evgenia Spring 2015 Effects of anthropogenic disturbance on sensitive wildlife and habitats
Elliott Marina Catherine Spring 2015 Estimating Body Mass In Biological Anthropology: An Evaluation Using Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography
Fernandes Vilaiwan M. Fall 2014 The ‘who, where and when’ of neurogenesis during Drosophila melanogaster eye development
Fox Stephanie Spring 2015 Communication and interprofessional collaborative practice: collective sensemaking work
Gallagher Bryan Matthew Spring 2015 Entrepreneurship and indigenous identity: three studies on the connections between indigenous identity and entrepreneurial practices in Canada and Australia