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Surnamesort icon Given Names Term Title
Alam Tasnim Summer 2015 Estimation of Chemical Oxygen Demand in WasteWater using UV-VIS Spectroscopy
Aldhamin Abdullah Hasan A Fall 2014 Flash Storage Management Algorithm for Large-Scale Hybrid Storage Systems
Aloua Ruth Rebeccalynne Spring 2015 Reauthorizing Kanaka Oiwi Heritage Discourse at Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, Hawaii
Anderson Sean Charles Spring 2015 Variance and extreme events in population ecology
Anderson Taylor Marie Summer 2015 Geographic Automata Systems Approaches for Simulating Forest Insect Infestation: A Case Study of the Emerald Ash Borer
Anderson Sheena Anne Summer 2015 Artistic Sādhanā: A Praxis of Embodied Awakening
Angelstad Martin Alexander Summer 2015 Development of Novel Instrumentation and Methodologies for Particulate Bound Phthalate Measurements
Aucoin Stephan Joseph Spring 2015 Flipping the Switch: Policy that Supports Alternative Electricity Production in Alberta
Aziz Omar Spring 2015 Design and Validation of a Fall Event Detection System using Wearable Sensors: A Machine Learning Approach
Badger Melissa Lee Summer 2015 Examining the health behaviours of older spousal caregivers: gender and the healthy caregiver effect
Bao Huai Summer 2015 Sexual Artifice Through “Transgression”: The Revival of Cross-Gender Performance in Jingju
Bell Kallista A. Summer 2015 Mindfulness Skills Training for Elite Adolescent Athletes
Bergeron-Brlek Milan Summer 2015 Tandem Organocatalytic α-Chlorination−Aldol Reactions: A Powerful Tool for Carbohydrate and Iminosugars Synthesis
Bird Kierstin Summer 2015 Neighbourhood Sustainability Assessment: Connecting Impact with Policy Intent
Bockner Aaron Spring 2015 Cannabis in British Columbia: How Can We Take the High Road?
Bolbocean Corneliu Summer 2015 Early Life Environments and Long Term Outcomes
Boscarino Gaspare Spring 2014 An Environment for Advanced Simulation and Control of Lighting Systems
Brown Andrew Ivan Summer 2014 The Sexual Workshop: A Technology and Phenomenology of Internet Porn
Brown Eric Gavin Summer 2015 Housing Preference in the Peri-urban Zone: The Prospects for Urban Containment and Smart Growth in North Cowichan
Brubacher Jordan Martin Summer 2015 Associations between biogeoclimatic zones, aquifer type, agricultural land and five gastrointestinal illnesses in British Columbia from 2000-2013 and potential implications under projected climate change